lipstick like armor

red for the my heart this poor broken
stitched up little machine that has yet to give up on me or the
string of people that fill it
fully and sometimes inconsistently
red like the hearts of others beating for different purposes
the hearts that ive broken and the ones that have broken me
red like the blood in my veins
the veins that have yet to give up on me
pulsing through the nights when i want to run away from my own skin
red like fire flames and hate
red like a reminder to say the things that burn my stomach and
tear through what is left of my flimsy bones
red like strength when i think im falling apart and cant
pull myself up off the bathroom floor because and ending is never more permanent than
a period or an exclamation point
red like yelling like me and you
red like “fuck you” and the way it burns down into my toes

lipstick like safety

pink like spring and warmth and feeling my crumpled soul breathe
expanding into a silhouette of what i once was
like bug bites and kisses on my cheek the way
that the grass tickles your bare feet and the lazy days seem endless
pink like a good nights sleep
how even your eyelids feel lighter and your skin feels new
like a hot shower for the soul
and home and the way it feels to get home after months of weariness and know
there is no alarm tomorrow
pink like “i love you” and the way that warms me all the way to my cold toes
giving me hope that this heart is human and wont weep until the end of time
pink like my fingertips and all the damage ive done with the words theyve created
and the tongue i cant always control but the way you see me makes me feel
like all these mistakes led me to you

lipstick like beauty

purple and dark like ive killed someone and i can hide it
like my deepest secrets are nothing more than white line scars
dark like war and fighting but knowing when to surrender
like a treaty and like the start of a new spring a new generation a new hope like you and me
clashing and forgiving
purple like my freezing lips and hands in the winter but knowing the day will be over soon
like the warmth of my bedcovers and like a great dream

like loving you