And we’re all really liars

i told myself i was gonna be just fine
i never lie i
never lie
we read like updates on a newsfeed
short little sentences bursts of something interesting until its 4 am
and you realize nothing is new and nothing is sacred
ive been here before
these sheets feel exactly the same my heart feels broken in different places
i call this healing
i never lie i never lie
the words tumble out of me and i lose them before i understand them
scraping nails in the dirt i dont think i will ever get them back
i didnt expect to taste blood when our lips met

youre a bug bite
a constant itch an ugly mark destined to be a small
barely noticeable scar
only there because i know its there
keep yourself young keep yourself hungry
im looking for inspiration in garbage cans because
everything else somehow reminds me of you and
im so tired

i didnt find love when i found you
but i sure did try and convince myself that good things take time
like good wine and good friends
a long hard day of work and somewhere to sleep but you were
calluses and broken dreams
sharp words and flat notes im sorry i didnt tell you
that you broke me into five pieces and i called myself brand new
i want this ending to write itself instead of crumbling like fragments
i pull the splinters from my hand
a disaster that was once a reflection in the broken pieces i see myself
thank god this time i dont see you


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