Please Don’t Look At Me Right Now, It’s Been A Bad Few Weeks

never enough never enough never enough
rings in my head like
its been working nails into my spine like
i like you but, i love you but, i think youre great but
every person tied to a girlfriend, an ex, a past
im fragile
im delicate
i think she wants something more and god damn it you
you have never wanted enough


im sorry that i forgot to scream i am human from the top of a building
into the rain into the snow
into my oncoming future i hate you like poison
like gunshots
like rain when all i prayed for was a little sunshine
god damn
all i really ever wanted to be was

a gentle hand working its way across my wrist. stop.
eyes bright enough that i convince myself to get lost. stop.
i need knives and sandpaper
i need one second that i wont second guess
re-think replay and then regret
all i have is cotton balls and a sour taste in my mouth
all i have is words
and right now
thats not enough


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