Take From This What You Want

im a little fragile right now
but i dont care
look at me the wrong way all sympathy and drooping eyes
come closer
i almost dare you
i can cut you with my ragged edges
worn but sharp
damaged but able to damage
knives that are dull can still cut right?

i needed nothing but the thought of you
but i guess you realized that
you needed her she needed you maybe you two were really a match
and you took away the only thing that i needed
an illusion
a foggy night a car i dont want to drive anymore
you told me you hated heights but
jesus christ you never hesitated to push me off a cliff

i needed nothing but solid ground below my feet
sneakers maybe so that i can pretend to run away from my demons
my lungs inhaling fire i cant really run that fast
the car keys bumping in my hand
i shouldnt have left when the road got cloudy
i need somewhere to land
but i dont need you
god no


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