People Aren’t What They Seem

shout louder until you feel like you
betrayed your own vocal chords
ripped pieces of your throat to shreds
find yourself breathless and shaking
up to your bruised knees in anger
scream until you can see particles of
your soul tumbling out of your body
trying to remain intact as they hit the ground and melt
into the dirt like you never existed
like you are still whole so that you can try and buy the lie
because for once you thought he took you seriously
and saw you differently
denial has held your hair as you threw up
tears streaming down your eyes
a disaster fit for no one
denial has held your hand and kept it warm
but you know it has wedged itself into your dreams
and made them into your nightmares
pretend he was something he wasnt
skip over every crack in the sidewalk
write expletives all over blank pieces of paper
just to ruin something
use your best handwriting
write carefully
hang it above your bed
never forget
dont cry
find yourself in twenty-five pieces
dont cry


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