i want to paint music all across your skin
and remind myself that even you
the marble statue they put in the square to admire
are not exactly perfect
and as i paint the notes
in blue and gold and gray
and at least a little red
i will remind myself that it is my flaws you once loved
even for a moment

and i want to taste the melody and hum the tune
until the invisible words are etched into my skin
so deeply
i cannot shake the feeling and for days
i wake up happy without knowing exactly why
except i could sit in my own skin all day
and not hate the way it stretches across my bones

the sun sets right when im alright with the
color of the sky
and change worms its way into my life like a worm
a disease
a miracle
i needed you before i even met you
the song the colors the words
i had on the tip of my tongue
within my stomach and my soul that i had not figured out
how to invent or articulate
you bring out the best in me
and i dont want to leave the music just yet


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