Than Here

dont you have better places to be than occupying
my dreams
occupying that empty pit in my stomach
occupying that tugging at my
heart that its over
nothing will ever be the same
because it never was and we
have to get older
we have to pretend to be wise
we have to gray and we have
to regain the dignity that we lost somewhere
while we still believed in being young
dont you have real life to attend to
the globe
the spaces that i could never be yet
because im
just a kid
and i have too much to learn

i cant call this feeling sadness
because it belongs in its own box in
the back of my closet where i dont dare look anymore
i cant call this feeling missing you
because it belongs under at least a half an inch
of dust and i refuse to wipe away the things
that bury me in an effort to look clean
and i cant call this feeling mine
because that requires typing and validation
labels more boxes
organizational charts and at least two marks
on a calendar
and i really dont want my life occupied
by you
in fact you have greater places to be
than here


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