A Love Letter to The Sky

i was the sun when you were the night sky
you complained of my brightness
sometimes my energy was too much
the way i couldnt rest kept you up at night
i couldnt coo go back to sleep any more times
before you snapped
and i couldnt even blame you
humans with hearts and souls
need places to rest their heads
and close their eyes
i couldnt be your peace and quiet

i sit sometimes in the morning
and i look at all the things we have created
failing to remember all of things we have destroyed
you were always the piece of art that i wanted to preserve
i sometimes have to remember that
i really did set you all on fire

i washed my arms my hands wishing
willing the burn marks to fade
but as the blisters grew more painful
i was glad for once
to hurt in a way
i could actually recognize
instead of the way the sun
hurts the night sky
i burned myself before you exploded
into nothing


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