you sink beneath my skin
i never asked you how you got there
when you ripped open the seams that had
kept me safe for so long and
i seem to forget if i was happy when i saw myself
falling apart
because looking back you are one stain of color in an
otherwise gray portrait
that im sure i was proud of when i painted it so long ago

i want you to notice me

when my skin melts from my bones
it will collect in a puddle on a tile floor
i can almost picture the day perfectly and i
dont want to be another mess my mother has to clean up
ill collect my bones one day and walk in a direction
that is not just the wind pulling me to you while
every syllable you utter is
meant for someone else

they will say i am broken and i will scream

you wrote me a letter sent it in the mail
or so you say because it got lost in transit
perhaps you never really wanted my eyes to see it
i am a statue and
yet you still call me fragile not
everything can be sealed into an envelope
they say i cant understand because
i have yet to be burned by love
but i have already set myself on fire

i think the room is shrinking around us and soon you will be gone
you’re the only one
i wanted to forget


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