A Short Puzzle

im just trying to understand when my brother went to college
my parents exercised their concern about grades
and being safe but they said have fun and cried a little and walked

and when i was going to college
i was taught dont ever leave your drink unattended
dont go out alone
dont walk home alone
dont talk to people you dont know and
dont get pregnant (implied and probably never said)

and when i came to college i felt my skin
as it melted under the stares of lusty boys
and i wondered what was normal when
they yelled across the street or
stood too close or drew lines
around where i originally thought the lines
had been placed

and im just trying to puzzle together
why everyone
seriously everyone
asks about if there is a boy in my life
as if it matters more than the
poems i write
the essays i slave over
the clubs im interested in the skys ive seen
i dont understand why
my self value is determined by a male relationship

and i want to scream


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