No Princess Endings

i’ll cut my hair into short choppy pieces
before you dare climb
my tower where i ran to get away from your perfect smile
and your tarnished intentions
i am not a dreaming fairy princess
with a gold dress
and that skinny perfect body that people swoon over
i am crinkled up pieces of paper that is slightly torn at the edges

and i am strong
stronger than a wedding ring and a soft song
i am monster trucks and
accidentally burning my hand on the oven as i bake
and not screaming although i want to

i am paved roads covered in ice
i am a tempest
strong and true
waves waves crashing boats

i am sunshine sands something irresistible
i am a cut telephone line and i
will drink more tea
and go back to sleep after you kiss me
and i cry

no one needs to be saved when
you are so much
so much all alone


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