Tell Me Something

tell me how perfect you are
scream it scream it
rip it into your skin burn it into mine
i dont believe you
i look at you and see flesh and bones and maybe
im missing the gold shades that people say
outline your every move
and maybe im dumb or blind or too angry
maybe i need sunglasses or a few years
heaviness on my shoulders
or maybe i should put less sugar in my coffee

ive heard youre amazing
brilliant all the things that they say you are
is a textbook definition of WHAT I WANT
and the textbook defintion has ripped edges and cigarette burns
because i got tired of the words on the page
arent we tired of the words
we set up just so that every other person on the planet fails

i want to spin forever
and not burn myself or the next person they say
i will adore


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