Scream, Scream Monster

i want to let my scream rip into the silence
but i keep my lips pressed together
actively turning white
containing my demons
it’s 5 a.m.
streets empty and i still feel
like someone is going to jump out and grab me
claw into my skin
rip me open remind me that the monsters
within me really are skin deep
sometimes i want people to realize what i actually am
screaming horror story that has nothing to do
with the realities that define us

i do not scream
i just keep walking to home
a home that exists in this construction
im not sure where i am now
im not sure why i jump at every shadow
because i hear my heart yelling
that the shadows should eat me alive
find the ones that are the same
instead of pretending along the lines of
a reality you dont buy into
you ask me if i made it home okay
i will test my strength
let minutes pass until i answer
sure im home okay


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