i want to be quotation marks
the best thing you ever said to me
and the smallest whisper that echoes in your head
i didnt think you heard me
i always think youre sleeping

i want
so badly to be an exclamation point
exciting and marking the moments
we mostly want to remember
and the points we usually will

and i want to be capital letters
YOU and ME and all sorts of others
that don’t make sense unless they are
glued together
challenging recklessness
daring us to be real with someone else
if these letters can attach together
then what are we so afraid of?

that reminds me
i want to be a question mark the same one
that hits me right in the chest
when the answer is thrilling
the same open space
the opportunity for something
something unknown

i find myself in long sighs
in ellipses
(and uncertainty that reminds me of nothing but death)
in periods
finality and ending
in semicolons
that god no one uses properly

and mostly
i want to stop seeing you in every
in every damn sentence i read


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