Drinking doesn’t (help)

get yourself drunk
another shot more
tell me you love me
i want to hate you in the morning

slur your words so badly
that it almost makes up for the way your
body will lean against the wall
to hold yourself upright
drop the drink you have in your hand
bonus points if
it spills all over the dress i wore
for you
because it is your favorite color

smoke the cigarettes the ones that kill your lungs
the ones you only smoke when youre drunk
enough to think that its okay
that breathing doesnt matter

your heart beat quickens sometimes
about as irregular as youve always been
the softness of your lips
the sweetness of your stories
the hardened edges of your jawline
and your attitude

draw squiggled when you think
they are straight
tell me you hate me
i want to love you in the morning


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