dont love with conditions
and parentheses and quotation marks
and doodled brackets around the reasons
why today you love him but tomorrow you are unsure

love him in every breath
in every syllable that you utter
love him in the way he sometimes
slurps his coffee and he always loses his page
in the book he is reading
love him in the way you are always cold
and his hands are always colder
love that he is not the completion of you
but the addition of your story

love him even when his voice gets soft and scared
even more so when he is unsure
when he is a little lost
a little sad
wondering if the path he is on is the right one
prove that you want to walk alongside him
even when you are inhaling dust and you cant
stop coughing and your eyes are
burning a little

love him even when he eats all the leftovers
the ones you looked forward to all day
love him even as he talks to you over your favorite movie
or thought you were listening while you were studying
love him because
he loves you
without brackets and quotation marks

he loves you even when you arent listening
even when you make fun of the way he loses his page
his path
his footing even when you are scared
and small and frozen
he has loved you

forget your withering soul
and drop the conditions
the barriers
just love


7 thoughts on “Unconditionally

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