We are all Imperfect and Worthy

i love you outside of all the things people think
constitute you as perfect
outside of your strength and composure
how you buy into chivalry
the way you listen with your entire heart
i love you with all of your soft edges
your tears
and the way that you regret almost every step you take
even if its in the right direction

i love you in spite of your missteps
the way you listen without speaking i love you
even though i need you in ways you say you have never been able to provide
and i love the way you hate the world for treating us
so unfairly
because it puts me and you in the same
shifting category and i need the hope that we will remain

once upon a time
we poisoned our minds to hate our bodies
to hate my pale skin and my soft edges
the stomach that spills over jeans
the thighs that touch and sing
the imperfection
once upon a time
i poisoned my mind to hate the sound of my own voice
to know i moved awkwardly as if i fit into a different frame
as if i never once

i spill myself onto you and you dont even cringe
i love your strength too
even though it has created you into this giant huggable cliche
who listens with his whole soul
and i love what makes you imperfect and i hope
that you can love me in the same way


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