Love Yourself

we create spaces for others and kick ourselves out of our own hearts and we want happiness for everyone when we forget to find happiness for ourselves
why do we forget that self love is as important
as love
of music and your best friend
and love of your mother and father
and love of your favorite food
and favorite teacher
favorite band and artist and author
why do we forget to love ourselves
when we so passionately love fictional characters
perfect quotes
and perfect photographs
our hearts will melt as we watch the sunset even though
we will cringe when we look in the mirror
and we are always saying
“wow I love your dress” to our best girl friends
who wear pretty dresses with a warped confidence that speaks volumes
we will never say that we love the dresses we are in
the clothes we drape across our beautiful bodies are nothing more
than the way we hide
and why cant we love our skin
with all its birthmarks
scars tattoos and wrinkles

i love you and him and her
my best friend
a boy i never met
a sister a cousin a brother and a family
chocolate bars and hot tea
i love movies that make me laugh and cry
and yet the words i love myself
stay solidified in doubt and painful memories but i want them to be true
and i want to shout them louder than ive ever spoke in my life


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