we jump into adulthood with flailing arms and gasping breaths
into cold water our lungs freeze
on flat plains we scramble for hands to guide us in new directions
we are directed with the urges
of crying to our parents
our parents with graying hair and laugh lines around their eyes
who know the struggles and beautiful intricacies
of the life we are living
right now

textbooks replace picture books and blank word documents
replace blank coloring pages
and our fantastical dreams are dulled into
our realities
our “To Do” lists and colorful post its
with matters that have no imagination

this paper is due
and this lease needs to be signed
and these people need to be called
and emails need to be sent
and the contradictions of our daily life need to be figured out
among the piles of laundry and masses of clutter
we dont want to deal with

chipped finger nail polish and tights with tears in them
that we desparately paint with clear nail polish
for another failed job interview
as our last $5 was spent on food
and our atm is sadder than the romance movies
we have become so addicted to

this world is crumbling as we grow into more of the
right size
and nothing seems to fit
even though it was supposed to


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