she touches you and i feel something in me explode
innocent touches as she laughs
because you have always been funnier than you admit
the kind of person that casually destroys lives

the visceral hating person inside of me reacts
i want to punch her
i want to scream
like a toddler in a grocery store
denied of my favorite food

i let my world blur around me
but it doesnt help
even as the world gets funnier and my tongue gets heavier
my words flow easier and everything is supposed to be
nothing helps because i miss you as we sit next to each other

i miss you because my words are stiff and polite
i miss you because my eyes cant connect with yours
i miss you because your whispered words are no longer mine to hold
and i miss you because i wanted those words so badly

and i hate her
because she has the privilege of listening to you laugh
and its so casual for her and it matters to me very much

cant you tell i care too much
cant you tell
cant you


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