Intricate Detail

slowly he waited until she surfaced
happy and alone because she understood that the universe
revolved around no one whether or not she held some boys hand

and he kissed her

and she melted

he shattered her perfect
he opened the windows in the car as they drove on the highway
messing up her hair and painting a real life smile on her face
he was every metaphor for bombastic love
yet somehow genuine
he was a wrapping of melting words and glittering cliches

she should have seen the end of the road coming before
she careened off into nothingness
he tried to warn her but instead of noticing the caution signs
and blinking lights
she closed her eyes

he blamed himself but he wouldnt tell her
she blamed herself but he didnt ask her
nothing made sense because they were supposed to be together
instead of separate

she wrote about him until her eyes were dry and her blood ran cold
she wrote about him until her hands were cramping
and her body was heaving and her words ran themselves into ugly circles

and she would never know the words he had to say
because he never said them and she would never ask
she forgave him but he wouldnt know
she loved him but he wouldnt know
she wanted him
in the present tense despite the fractured lines of their past
but he wouldnt know


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