the little boy tumbles through the grass
he is small but he is determined
his willpower outfighting his pudgy legs and awkward gait
his mother smiles
as mothers do because he is so alive

the little boy reaches the most beautiful flower in the entire garden
his little hands go to stroke the precious plant
to stroke the blood red petal
but he is too strong
the petal pulls off the flower in his grip
and the mother gasps because
her son is so apt at destroying something beautiful
but how was the boy to know that his most delicate touch
was not delicate enough for the nature of this flower
of the rose he ripped apart with his pudgy fingers and awkward hand eye
he cries slightly because all he wanted to do
was admire the work of something greater than he was
instead he ruined it
and so
he drops the petal to the ground
inhaling heavily
stops the tears and runs away
a new adventure and new beauties to pursue


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