they call it a broken heart but they couldnt possibly understand because
i cant breathe normally
and my chest feels numb and my hands are barely moving
every place you ever touched feels different
in such a way that i dont know myself anymore than i never knew you

if the road shifted while i was walking it would make
perfect sense
i have ended up so far from where i thought i was headed
i am left looking at eyes i do not recognize
laughing at conversations
i do not understand because it should make sense and it doesnt

i am fire that is being rained on
i am barely surviving
i am holding on for heat and running away from ashes
maybe my past is holding me tightly because
our future is so cold

if only i could open my eyes and close my heart to you
and everything that has happened
sign it off as meaningless
just something that happened in mistakes and creative words
i wish your name was written in chalk
i wish it would wash away
i wish this didnt hurt so badly


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