i never knew something unfinished could be beautiful
because bookshelves with the shelves on the ground dont hold books
and doors without locks let everyone in
and girls with broken hearts are fragile and sad
but you are incomplete
only partially through the story you are choosing to write
and you
are perfect
even with your smudged edges and jagged lines
the scent that catches me off guard
the crooked way you walk through your crooked world
and i want every unfinished part of your mind
and your heart
i am not needy
i will not create you into something you arent
because i am not an artist and you are immaculate
if i could build anything i would build you a pedestal
and tear it down periodically
the way my love for you ebbs and flows
so will your view on the world
until you know this broken heart is not perfect
but it could be beautiful


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