Sadness, My Old Friend

an unbearable sadnesss i cannot shake
it stirs my thoughts when i am sleeping
or reading or eating
or tying my hair into knots that always fall apart
it pokes at my stomach and me legs
it laughts at me
even when i tell it to go away
it laughs and laughs
you see
sadness is always so lonely and in me it has found a friend
a forever companion that is too weak and too small
to shake it off for good
i smile but the sadness sits behind it
laughing saying
maybe you forgot about me now but when the sun sets your mind will once again
remember that we are friends
and sadness is so good at never being wrong
at knowing that when i feel safe
wrapped up in pillows and blankets
that i am alone and i need a friend
i am cold and i need warmth
sadness is not giving but it does what it can
it gives me a shoulder to cry on because it knows it has caused these tears
so i cannot shake sadness
my old friend


3 thoughts on “Sadness, My Old Friend

  1. Sadness is part of a life. Each of deal with sadness in our way. I believe good to know sadness. Can make the good days seem more worthwhile. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

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