i burned all the things that reminded of you
too bad i cant burn away my skin
in all the places you touched and left untouched and
how i cant burn you out of my mind
i feel unsafe now as you walk away with my secrets
because i could never share yours with the world
but i cant know you wouldnt be the same

if i crumpled up all the pictures your eyes would still be there
i would still find a way to remember your every imperfection
as if they were my own
the color of the air around your skin
i thought no one could be near you without soaking in
the uniqueness you gave the world
but i the pieces of you i have left are all
i have and i dont want to throw them away just yet

why cant you end
you the imperfect noun in my life
instead of stretching out like the horizon
all things past and haunting all things future
i want the sun to set on you but
i forgot you are the sun


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