Pretend and Make Believe

i stand in front the mirror and exhale slowly
ive learned that self love is hard to find
and hard to keep
but today i dont mind
i skim the flaws that have always presented themselves
i cannot care
today i am too tired
to worry about what i should be like instead
of what i am destined to be like
tonight i will put my plastic layer on
clothes that say i know who i am
and where im going
and im never looking back
because someone told me that clothes can talk and their words are harsh
ill paint my face and tie my hair and bend and break
so that i look like someone happier
someone safer
someone better in my skin that fits me awkwardly
and tonight i will see other shining people in their perfect skin
and i will wonder how they came to be
and how they smile so flawlessly and hold their heads so high
and i hope they have the answers
and arent just pretending
the way i am


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