i want to give you one thousand kisses
that you do not deserve
and brush your skin with words
that i cannot give to anyone else
words i consider so precious and my own
that they are fragments of me in syllables
i do not give them away because i hate
to lose myself
but i trust you in ways that you
have not asked me too
you may not have proven
that i can give you my love
in a glass bottle and fragile hands
and expect you not to break it
for my hands to not shake
but can you ever choose where you land
when you are just racing along the currents
of time that constantly move us forward without regard
to emotion
or nostalgic tendencies that push us farther into the
recesses of our minds
i want to give you my love
because i cannot know
if i should trust you
or give to you what i cannot give to others
but i want to try


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