Too Much To Ask For

is it too much for ask for your softest kiss
your morning hair
and the way you take your coffee imprinted on my mind
the useless information that stich together
everything important
to ask for that smile when you see me in the crowd
like there was no other reason for existing in this space
other than to exist with me too
and to see the way your easy going nature fades to serious
when something matters
and it pains you to admit that you arent
always that guy who is fun at parties
or good with little kids that sometimes the world
weighs on you so heavily your body threatens to break and
these truths draw me nearer instead of pushing me away
you are human and you deserve all the spectrums
of emotion and it is too much to ask to see them all
and yet i want every piece of you
every fragment of unimportant receipts from grocery stores
and doodles in notebooks and
worn textbook and soles of sneakers that you like too much
to get rid of
i want the songs you love to be forever stuck in my head
i want your words to wrap themselves around me
and keep me warm even when you cant
and is it too much to ask for your


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