We Never Learned

they said
to speak quietly
to get along well, to hold hands with our enemies
and they said to never question those older
those wiser
they preached respect
they demanded kindness
they told us not to fight
they told us to walk in two lines
and dont run with scissors
and do not cut in front of others
and we emerge from this world with slick skin
and glossy eyes and we are blind
to all the reasons we need to fight
and so
i hope you yell when something is unjust
when people are dying for causes that no one can define
i hope you forget the lines when you need someone to listen
cut them
walk away from them
destroy them
life is not about waiting patiently
raising your hand and timidly saying that the world
is a messed up place
and that we can do something about it
we need to drop the apathy
to walk less carefully
to hold hands with our friends
to defeat our foes, even if they live inside us
we need to demand answers to our deepest questions
granting respect only when given it
we cannot wait any longer
our time will pass us soon


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