Fake Friends

eat your words for breakfast
i hope they tear you up all day
i wish you the things i cannot do to you
my mind spits hate
and my mouth spits apologies
half done compliments
and scared replies
because ive always been bad at losing
and i should know by now
that losing you would free myself
from the insecurities that break me
the words that strangle me
the volume of your hate that
makes my days longer and more heated
and how could i not understand before
that some things must end
for the sake of the heart
and the head
for keeping my chin up and my shoulders broad
because the world beats everyone down every day
you should be able to count on those who stand beside you
not doubt them
not worry about their intentions
their questions
they way they look at you or forget to look at you
and its safe to say
that you do not stand near me anymore
i will live
and so will you


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