Ramblings on Weight and Meaning

i wanted weight
i wanted answers
i wanted choices and decisions
and regrets
because life is worth living
and things that are worth it
are heavy
they can break you
maybe you dont want to feel broken
you like the way you look without cracks
nothing faded
pristine untouched
but look at you
so perfect
so guarded
have you really lived
i cant imagine that life is easy
i can imagine that life
hard and work and effort and longing
and desire and rampant
adventures and misunderstandings
it is feelings that dont make sense at a time
that doesnt work for anyone
it is late night conversations that turn into tears
because you miss the one you loved the most
because you think your friend will never be your friend again
because one day you will die and you
are afraid of the words you never got the chance to say
you need this weight
because you need meaning
you need answers
you need life


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