Love Lies

love lies in the poems you used to leave me
scrawled on our bathroom mirror
tacked to the broken refrigerator handle
notes that would glow with your happiness
your gratitude
love lies in the way your hand found mine so easily
when it was dark and i was nervous
how your hand could stop mine from shaking
how easily you could craft security from nothing
love lies in your face greeting mine in the morning
all tired eyes and soft smiles and the
promise of a new day
waking up beside you knowing things could only get greater
and love lies in the sunset
that we watch from seperate places
feeling together although we are apart
and hoping the connection hasnt expired on the other side
that there are more long calls and lonely nights
to dream about a promising future
love lies in the coffee you make me
because you know how i like it
and the way you kill the spiders in the bathroom
even before i scream at them
and how you could always disagree with me
but never put me down
love lies in the greatness of my world with you in it
the valuation of human existence exemplified into something greater
i am not alone
i can say
and i can mean it for the first time
so sincerely
but its better for me to always remember
love lies


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