Fragile Things

i believe you could save people
with your gentle hands
the warmth of your hands raising
the almost dead from the pull of eternal sleep
your eyes telling them
all the reasons they should stay in
this complicated world
because you are love against evil
color against blackness

but you throw stones in your glass house
because you love broken things
you buy only the most fragile of items
one of a kind vases
tables with spindly legs
you punch through windows
because you like the way it feels to
bleed a little and break a lot
and you never seem to be afraid of anything
you crash your car and
laugh because youre still alive

i think its okay that you
are so in love with fragile things
their delicacy pairing with your insane strength
but once something is broken it is gone
and thats why im so sad
that i was your fragile creature
and can no longer be
you could have healed me
with those eyes and those hands
but you broke me


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