you are that feeling you get
when you walk in a warm room
after being in the cold for too long
you are a vapor kiss
you are always here
in the air that i reluctantly breathe in
you are within me and without me
you are the red in the sky
when the sun is setting
you are the first star i see in the darkness
and you are the
crunchiest autumn leaves
everything changes but you
are still wonderfully you
you are intoxicating warmth
and poisonous happiness
you are a work of art
locked in a museum
i can see you for hours
but you are behind a carefully cleaned glass wall
and i can never know you
and you can never know me
because you and i
are rivers flowing in different
directions despite how badly
i want to be the same delta
to explore the ocean with you
i am evolving and you are still beautifully
but they doesnt make us
any closer


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