Giving Hearts.

i gave you my heart
and you stared at me in horror
as it bled all over your hands
and the perfectly clean floors
the neatness you hated
was ruined in a way you hated more
i stared at you blankly
which is all a person can do really
when their heart is no longer there
and i tried to tell you
that love is a burden
and i didnt want it
so i gave it to you
but maybe ripping my heart out of my chest
was not the right way
to tell you
how weak i am

but once upon a time
i let the thought of you borrow deep into my stomach
to tear away at my insides
and the thought of you grew
into something unescapable
i loved you without knowing you
you never stood a chance
and my heart was so full of what was not you
and so i had to give it to you
to prove that
love is a burden i wasnt ready for
and love is a gift you didnt want
to recieve


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