morning are always easier
than the incomparable darkness of night
despite the crusty eyes
and figural fatigue that moans
of tearful sleepless
there is something physically easier
about prying yourself out of bed
than pulling yourself under the
conscious layer of society
to not die
but spend a few hours not living
so that living is possible
thats all sleep really is
despite the images it sometimes throws at us
to convince us that our time was not
we saw people we never would have seen again
or places so unreal their reality
confuses you when morning rises
but i would rather be exhausted and confused
and among the living
than be exhausted and confused and
trying to fall asleep


2 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. Part musing, part confession. Made me think. On certain parts of my life I would agree with you, but on other parts my desire to out-sleep everything away prevails. Haha. This poem sounds like an avant garde response to John Mayer’s “When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, waking up is the hardest part.”

    • I can definitely agree with the sentiment of wanting to sleep parts of my life away too. It would probably destroy the point if I prefaced it by saying I’m really the worst at getting up. But I find that particular struggle the easier of the two. And while the sentiment is entirely different I really do like that song too, and can relate to that easily. It all depends on the morning, and the night I guess. Thank you for the comments!

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