Giving Up Was Not Our Choice

You Cannot Give Up
they say so matter of factly
as if giving up was ever a choice
a path
that people wanted to take
because who wants to follow the path
so familiar your shoes know where to go
without you telling them
and the dirt leaves traces on your clothes
and everyone knows
where you have been
and the things you could not do
and the people you let down
because you decided to
take the path that marks and words
and taints your skin
and burns everyone around you
because you decided that not giving up
was the path too travelled

this is not what we decide
sometimes it is decided for us
but explain that to the travelers
who see your scars but cant imagine your wounds
who only see the air around you
that is not as clean as those still trying
because you were handed the decision to fold
or continue in misery
and you folded


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