the mirror is lying
you whisper to yourself as it hurls its insults
at your poor socially constructed face
because youve tried your hardest and
the mirror is still sad

you yell at whoever will listen
even though we all know walls
are the most honest talking inanimate object
whose truth lies in their silence
but now they tell you the things theyve seen
they know you too well
forget what they know about anyone else
you are selfish
we are selfish creatures

the sky is lying
you tell a stranger in the park because
its sunny and you are sad and
doesnt the sky know by now to rain
when everything is sad
it hasnt learned because the sky
is a liar
hiding the truth from us hiding us from the truth
hiding the truths within ourselves
and comforting us with knowing
we are all under the same sky

i am lying
you whisper to your face in the mirror
to the mirror on the wall
to the sky as you finally leave the house
because its taken you days
to pull yourself together and those days
are a wasted effort
and you tell yourself that
you are fine
but you are a liar


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