I Quit The Cello, My First Love, My Forever Love

failure has taught me things
i couldnt have possibly imagined otherwise

like how it feels to curl into bed
and not move for hours
trying to block out everything
and everyone
at any stage my comforter and pillows
are therapy

but this failure wasnt permanent
like some of the others were
paired with lack of commitment
i lost love for something that
i once considered home
and i miss the moments i used to have
the moments i took for granted
so weighted by stress

but now my fingers burn in familiar ways
and my hands are tired
and my body is tired
and my mind is tired
and everything feels different
but i am in love again
i am home again
the music has given this to me
a gift i can never return

sure a year has passed
and i let it all go
but i am home again
here where i know i once felt insecure
but now i feel safe


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