one day i really will melt into
that puddle of nothingness
i always say i will
end up as
and maybe some people will cry
but most people will step
in what i used to be because
they didnt see that i was there and
i wont be sad because
i didnt remember to leave a sign
that said caution wet floor
before i melted away because
i am always forgetting the most important parts of everything

maybe that day will be tomorrow
because tomorrow is thursday and
thursdays are always kind of
i think maybe it should have been on tuesday
because what is worse than tuesday
except for wednesday

i think i will miss the stacks of books that i
once could stack and re stack
and read and re read and
memorize and forget and
memorize again but maybe
ill melt away next to them
so that i can pretend i am still all of the things i
once was.


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