morning came quickly
breathing a sigh of relief
as a voice wakes me up
eternal slumber ends
nightmares flash
my eyelids are supposed to be my sanctuary
but they are burned with images
picture perfect
nothingness that i live off of

waking up with the thought of you
the poison on my tongue
the heat of your hand
i swallow
it doesnt help because it
is early and life moves quickly
i move slowly

my eyes open
you fade away and breathing comes easier
coldness comes quicker
and relief floods my brain
my body
my heart my everything
is so full of you it forgets
how to be

emptiness is deceiving
it can be
it can be fulfilling embrace
the empty
embrace yourself

i laugh at how weird
it feels to embrace everything that is
left without you
here and i laugh
because i am laughing
i am full of nothing
but at least i am
not still
so intoxicated on you


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