What are you going to do with your college degree?

Well random relative, teacher, student, friend let me put this simply: I have no idea.
I have no concept of what I would do with my English degree once I do get it and what are your plans with your x degree? Maybe you know and kisses and applause to you. You’ve figured it out. But my mind does not tell me what will make me happy at 22 or 30 or 45 or 67 or 89. What I loved at 17 is not what I love at 19. I am in a constant state of unawareness and acute moments of being aware of just how naive I am. I am young and stupid and unaware and willing to admit it. I know the thousands of things I want to do and the millions of things I am incapable of doing. I tell people I want to go to law school or back to school for business and I’m really sorry if I told you this. I don’t love you any less but I’m probably lying. So tired of the social construct that a liberal arts degree is nothing more than an expensive piece of paper I tell my tale and move along. I’ll be a lawyer because I can memorize things and I can read and I can argue, but really that would be casting aside everything I want to be. I want to change things, I want to change people. I want to write until my hands fall off and my eyes fall out of my head, not literally, but you get the point. I want to go places and see things and feel things through experiences that people cannot teach me. I want to hang my very expensive piece of paper up on a wall and never look at it again. Because I am learning enough to know that you cannot quell the thoughts of someone who really wants to do something.


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