I want to live in that fantasy
even if the walls have faces and they
say mean things. Even if
the sky isn’t blue and the grass
isn’t green
and all the colors are inverted,
and nothing makes sense. Even if
the monsters roam streets
and the dogs barks are too loud
and people’s faces are so twisted we
cannot recognize who they
are based on who they were.
I want to live in that world
even if food has no taste
and music has a smell instead of a sound
and everything is different,
because in that fantasy world
you and I
exist as one.


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. This has a very elegant simplicity, and I loved how the message at the end was both understated and, well, just stated, if you know what I mean. You painted a nice dream picture but with the kick of casual language. This reminds me somewhat of that old movie Labyrinth when Jennifer Connelly was a teenager. ^_^ Kudos and keep flowing!

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