Learning and Possibilities.

It’s possible that in the folds
of desperation there is
hope we never knew. A hope
that should be lit but it’s
afraid, so it lives in darkness.
You cannot be the brightest
thing in the world
and not understand
that there is power in darkness.

It’s possible that in the eyes
of a stranger you can find
a sense of knowledge
that you wouldn’t think available,
so you cannot write off the people you
don’t know.
You cannot pretend you are
not alone.

There is so much to learn
in the world that I cannot fathom.
There are so many people in the world
I have
not met and so many that I have already

I want to believe it is a possibility
for me to learn the people that can
make me whole instead of wear me down,
and that I can learn to light the hope and
I can learn that there are places better than others, places
I need to be.


One thought on “Learning and Possibilities.

  1. this is a truly lovely poem and so full of hope. You have touched on truths – taken what can be frustrating and difficult and placed it in a positive light. You are correct in stating – I am paraphrasing – that we can learn much from the darkness – power in knowledge. beautiful – thank you for writing.

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