We Are Weakened Versions Of What We Used To Be.

I was the happiest
and things changed
and then I became averagely happy. 
I was happy 
and things changed
and I was fine. 
I was fine until I wasn’t and the words
were false, and saying I was fine 
became an unfortunate lie.
I am not a liar
I am just not brave enough for the truth.

I was strong 
and then things changed and 
I became weaker. 
I was weak
and then things changed
and I turned into a puddle of emotions
on a bedroom floor. 
I was a puddle, nothing left in me to expel strength, but
I pulled myself together every day.
Not because I am courageous but
because I am afraid of missing out.

I once had faith,
in you, in us, in a happy moment for my life.
And that was beautiful
and now it’s faded.
Maybe because I am no longer happy, no
longer strong
because you are such a different you
than you were before.
Maybe that’s it.  


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