We Need To Stop Worshiping Reality Television Stars.



This is not what I usually post, but here goes nothing. This is a class assignment that called for a specific cause to advocate against and apply it to real life. 

We have created a culture that obsesses about celebrities. The rich and famous have become a member of the elite in popular culture. However reality television works against much of what our society is working to change. Reality television can work to proliferate the male dominated society, wherein women are good for marriage and having children; it can promote consumerism and materialism; it can emphasis aesthetic beauty instead of human goodness. Reality television stars are far from good indicators about what our society should look like. We are a culture that has made so much progress in the form of gender and racial equality, yet we are also actively destroying our progress with these television shows. 

According to the Huffington Post, 47% of young girls are viewers of reality television shows. Shows like The Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. These are just a small sampling of the shows that promote the sides of society we should not be teaching to young, impressionable girls. These are the same women that do not behave in a way that creates a good standard for models of behavior. 

The flier pictured shows a small sampling of popular reality television stars. This is what we, collectively, have grown accustomed to seeing on television. Entertaining television has been created from drunken outings, fights, drug use, teen pregnancies and more, without regard to the negative implications of such shows. Young people watch these shows, and are learning these behaviors as glorified, as normal. 

As a progressive and smart culture the time to put forth better role models for our population has come. In fact, it is long overdue. We can tell ourselves that we idolize our parents, or our teachers, doctors or policemen. But these idolizations fade, as we obsess about our celebrities. Reality television is not real, it is constructed to entertain, but it has real consequences for our society. If we continue to promote these shows and these celebrities, with our money and our affections, then we are also subjected ourselves to the strengthening of immoral values in our society. We want our culture to stray from materialism, from focus on outer beauty, from gender and racial bias, yet these shows have become outrageously popular. 

If we stop the worship of celebrity, especially of the “talentless” and oftentimes reckless reality television stars, we can strive towards a more stable society based off of better values. 


One thought on “We Need To Stop Worshiping Reality Television Stars.

  1. I completely agree with your thoughts on this subject. I find reality television to be a complete and utter farce. Fortunately I am older – 48 – so I really do not take these shows seriously and they certainly do not mold my eyes in regards to real life. I can, however, say that if I was a teenager, or young adult that I could be swayed by these circumstances that are portrayed on tv. They are truly useless.

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