Love Each Other, Please.

I think it’s a combination of exhaustion and stress, but I’ve been very teary lately. I mean that if I spend more than thirty seconds thinking about how much I miss my mom and dad then I have to be careful that I don’t burst into tears. It’s okay, it will be okay. 

But I’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes looking at footage from the Boston bombings today, trying not to weep in front of my computer. I am alone and hundreds of miles away. The people I know in Boston are okay, but the we are all damaged. My heart is breaking for the people who lost those they loved. My heart is breaking for those who were injured, for those who were witnesses. My heart is breaking because thousands of people have lost their sense of security today, maybe we all have. 

And all my love goes to those affected. All of it, every prayer to every entity. That is all I have. These acts of senseless violence and evil cannot erase the love we have as humans. It simply cannot. I panicked momentarily when I thought of the friends I have at school in Boston, that is love. I sat alone and cried for the broken families, that is love. Thousands of people have offered their homes, their services, have risked their lives to help the cause, that is love. 

Our society has been suffering from these mass acts of violence, and that is entirely traumatizing. It is easy to lose faith in humanity, but you cannot. You have to believe that the good in the world can outshine the evil. Because we are so full to bursting with love that even hundreds of miles away my community collectively has a breaking heart for the victims. 

Love each other. Please. 


One thought on “Love Each Other, Please.

  1. beautifully written and so very true. it is easy to lose faith by I have to ‘hope’ that this world will have some goodness in the future – my boys are part of that future and so are you and you are wonderful young adults. there are many more in this world – there is no reason why all the good cannot come together and do something…right?

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