I will,

I will trace your words into my skin. 
I will remember the exact heat of your body. 
I will promise to keep your words in my memory, for as long as they can stay there.
I will never let myself feel so strongly
any more. 
Although that is a lie on a large scale.
We feel the strongest when we don’t want to. 
Because feelings are 
I will always tell myself I don’t care. 
Another lie, it’s okay.
I will keep up hope and 
keep down expectations.
We are only human.


2 thoughts on “I will,

  1. how does the phrase go – no expectations/no disappointments? i keep telling myself i do not care over and over and over again with the hopes that it will eventually feel true.

    • It’s something I struggle with endlessly! I think feelings are demons sometimes, even when we want to be the most free from them they haunt us. I would stay positive, you have been gifted with the ability to feel strongly. It may not help now, but when the need to care is deep and true, you will be best fit for it.

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