I Think This is Terribly Important.

this sucks

My dear readers. Allow me for a moment to rant a little, and don’t worry- I have a poem for this. No surprises. I love most things about social media. Even though it has its obvious pitfalls, I like the fact that in this day and age I can easily connect with the people in my past and present. That being said, every once in awhile I come across something that absolutely breaks my little heart. As if I knew it could be broken by anything other than cancelled television shows and stupid boys. Anyway, this particular person is a fellow classmate, who added me off of a University Class of 2016 page. I’ve never met him, and I probably would have deleted him a long time ago if I didn’t think that his pointed rants were amusing. This one though, stung a little more than I expected too. I guess the only other thing you would need to know is that he is a self-righteous engineering major. Props to him, I guess, but here’s why I think he’s wrong…even if he would never admit it.

This boy has already invalidated English as a subject, which I think is funny and sad, mostly because it is the very language that he employs every single day. Plus, language is the very medium so critical to science. You can have brilliant ideas but you also need to have concise language to convey them, or else you are nothing. He has invalidated anything except for science for awhile, that is besides the point. He (among others, I’m sure) obviously doesn’t like having to take communications or English classes. This view point I can respect, I cannot stand having to take a math class, although I think it is a valid and important subject. In fact, I am so entirely sure that this kid is educated, smart and headed for a successful future on some level, I would never dismiss him as a person, although his opinion makes me crumble a little.

What breaks my heart about this is he calles English “inherently degrading” and that in order for me to be writing I need to assume that you, as readers, know nothing. If you have stuck with me thus far, first of all thank you, second of all, I hope so strongly that you know this is not true. In fact I believe in you so much more than I believe in myself. I believe that the reader structures meaning of a work through their own perspective and unique outlook. That one day you could read something and later that day it could mean something completely different. Sometimes I even reread something I’ve written and it invokes an entirely different emotion in me than when I first read it.

I believe in you so much reader that what I say is not always clear. That sometimes I don’t know how I feel or what my point is, but that you will stick with me and see that what I have written has a meaning for you. It has a meaning outside of what I have created it to mean. I want you to read something and see yourself in it, not me. So no, I assume you know more about life than I could fathom.

Maybe you and I come from the same world and you feel the same way as I do. But more often than not, I assume we come from such different places on this Earth. It’s why I wanted people to read my work in the first place, I want the different perspective. I want the dangerous entanglement that comes with letting people create their own meaning (and opinion) of what I write. I want to be able to reach all of you, and hope that someday you will reach me as well.

So yes, I understand that English and science are structurally so different. But no, I think you readers are brilliant and beautiful and so uniquely you. I never would consider you knowledge-less or to be an “imbecile.” So please don’t break my heart loves, appreciate whatever literature has been given to this Earth and appreciate whatever you have given to it.

As promised here are some thoughts in a more poetic form.

thank you,
I love you. And now that we have this out of the way, all the
formal complications of relationships, of knowing
and unknowing, I would like to say that
I feel like I know you,
although I don’t.
You are faceless in my head, and I may be faceless in yours, but
here you read
my deepest thoughts and fears, of love, of hate,
of life, and longing and of struggling and surviving.
You know me.
And you know the words I send so tragically into the
hoping you will feel something, anything, and
know that you are
smart and
entirely not alone.


One thought on “I Think This is Terribly Important.

  1. This ‘guy’ is a ‘jerk’. Sorry, I could not resist.He is obviously has his brain in some place other than the location is should be inhabiting. It seems to me, that he must have had a very experience with the English language. What it could be? I have no idea, but let him stay in his world of Engineering and not think about him again:)

    Great post – you are a wonderful writer of the English language and let me say that I do not feel belittled by you or anyone else who writes a blog, or anything else that I must read throughout my day!


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